We receive multiple requests each week from local organizations who would like us to assist with a fundraiser for their group or team.

How it usually works:

  • We provide customized tshirts or other apparel for your team at wholesale cost. Our wholesale costs are very affordable.
  • We help you choose designs, shirts, colors, and more.
  • You choose how much to mark the items up for retail to your group (we provide guidance based upon what has worked for other groups in the past).
  • Your group members order directly from our website, paying your chosen full retail cost.
  • Orders are delivered.
  • Once orders are complete (whatever closing date you choose), we send you the difference.

If your group is requesting a sponsorship, you can use this form as well.

Because of the great increase in the number of requests we are receiving over the past six months, we have implemented an application system.

If you would like your team to be considered for one of our group fundraiser spots, please complete the form below.

We then gather our team, review each application carefully, choose the groups that we are able to assist, and respond as quickly as possible. Because of the large volume of requests, please allow two to four weeks for consideration and response.


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